Deli Meats and Cheeses, Plus Delicious Homemade Salads


Come see our unique display of Amish & Pennsylvania Dutch foods. The best bacon & sausage in town! Homemade scrapple and pudding meats. Start your day off the old fashioned way!


Lunch meats, smoked chip beef, Ohio cheeses and a large selection of smooth creamy dipping spreads make lunch a special treat.


Check out our dinner selections that taste like you’ve cooked all day. Chicken pot pies, baked in our old fashioned dough with lots of chicken and potatoes. Creamed chip beef, marinated meatballs, baked limas, and the old Amish favorite, fresh pork chops, regular or stuffed with our homemade bread filling.

Top off your day with our large selection of delicious salads and tempt your taste buds at our dessert table. Creamy blueberry and cherry delights, peanut butter and banana pudding, bread puddings, flavored tapioca and many more.


Horseradish • Head Cheese • Souse Meats • Homemade Noodles • Smoked Meats • Limburger Cheese • Homemade Jams • Pancake Mixes • Maple Syrup • Deviled Eggs • Pickled Eggs